With over twenty years of experience in shoes, D & Mauro offers a complete and innovative vision of how to produce custom footwear.

Assuming ourselves as the ideal partner in various aspects / footwear skills, from creation to final product, assuming a competent monitoring of the development and production of your product.

Our know-how comes from daily experience in dealing not only with our customers but also with the various suppliers of components for footwear as well as manufacturers with whom we completed our projects.

The sensitivity of the product that we acquired over the years makes that in the place of production of each model, we are like an extension of the sensitivity and the customer's own vision.

D & Mauro is a specialized team in every detail, in the various stages of production of custom shoes, ensuring a technical support essential to the achievement of a final product of high quality.

Each of our members of our team has a specific training in each of the following areas:

- Modeling / prototyping
- Manufacture
- Quality control 

We work in collaboration with an endless list of suppliers around the world, from which we selected raw materials, depending on the requirement of each model and client.