Everything born small

Everything is born small.
No minimum quantities required!

One of the things that gives us the most pleasure is to feel the passion for fashion and shoes when a Brand first contacts us. We typically feel this in an early stage which is usually full of dreams and drive.

These brands need some help since they want to be 100% focused on creation, promotion, and sales. For that purpose, they deliver the production to a partner they can trust.

They need help making the right decisions regarding production, source materials and choose the most appropriate factory which allows for small quantities in the beginning but is also specialised in the kind of shoes they need. With their growth, they can change their production to a larger scale factory which will still be specialised in the type of shoes they require.

We offer your brand assistance and consultancy regarding every production aspect.

Our partnership with one of our clients started with 1.000 pairs per year. Currently, we produce over 20.000 pairs for them. Their merit, our support.
Put us to the test! We will be very pleased to offer you a trial sample to prove our quality work and partnership dynamics.
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