How do we work?

Everything starts with your idea.

1. Briefing

It all starts with your idea. We receive your creative brief as well in the form of a videoconference, drawing, photo or mood board.

2. Project Management

After analyzing the briefing we will expose to the client how we will proceed, the respective lead times, forecasting points of complexity and how we will overcome them.

3. Material Sourcing

We will source the materials Globally to fulfil the briefing and we send them to Client for approval.

4. Factory Choice

We open the doors to the best Portuguese shoe manufacturers offering endless possibilities and direct you to the unit most in tune with the nature of your project.

5. Prototype Phase

We deliver the first Prototype to the Client, and we will repeat it until is perfect for him. In average we achieve the OK in 3 prototypes.

6. Production

We manage for you for all materials arrival, to have all set for the delivery date agreed. Beyond that our presence on factory will be daily, coaching every stages of production assure that best procedures is being made and everything is going as planned.

7. Quality Control

10% of all order will be quality control by us before shipping. A report is sent to the Client. If we found some NOK situation we will inform you with an action plan to solve the situation.

8. Support & Logistics

All export logistics is assured by us.Assuring that all export documents, brand procedures of packaging, labelling and delivery are fulfilled.

We have more than 20 factories at your disposal

This Factory range offers your brand a variety of production options that allow your project to be placed with the appropriate factory and technician, according to your needs.

Men Classic

Factory 1

Factory 2

Men Casual

Factory 3

Factory 4

Factory 5

Factory 6


Factory 7

Factory 8

Factory 9

Factory 10

Factory 11

Woman Elegant

Factory 12

Factory 13

Factory 14

Woman Casual

Factory 15

Factory 16

Factory 17

Factory 18

Factory 19

Factory 20


Factory 21


Factory 22

Factory 23

Experts on sustainable shoes

Every year we update our factory range with the latest shoe trend reports. This ensures that our factories are prepared to handle our Client’s demands.

Put us to the test! We will be very pleased to offer you a trial sample to prove our quality work and partnership dynamics.
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