Our Strengths

Why Work with us?

We have developed and produced over 1.5 million shoes in a wide range of materials. In the process, we have gained the experience of overcoming all challenges. This history is yours the moment you Hire us.

We know that daily feedback from us is essential to your brand. Our Client receives production updates on a daily-basis and is empowered to make decisions about the product with our technical advice.

8 advantages of having us as your footwear production partner:

Your Brand can stay focused on product creation & sales, while entrusting the production process to experts.

A shoe expert will be at your service

We will assign one of our technicians to your Brand, experienced in all the stages of production, who will always keep you updated.

Speed and accuracy in material sourcing

After many years of experience in the industry sector, we have worked with several materials that range from classic to sustainable and organic. This experience will provide your brand with the knowledge and the access to a wide network of suppliers in Portugal, as well as in Italy and Spain.


Working with brands with high aesthetic demands over the years has given us a very precise design sensitivity and interpretation of your briefing, which is very important to convey your brand values and to achieve production results that suit the “look” of your brand.

More than 20 factories for you in one contact

Our Factory range offers your brand a variety of production options that allow us to fit your project in a factory that will be scaled to your production needs and which will be specialised on the type of shoe you require.

Quality Control

Our technicians follow your project very closely while ensuring the best production procedures. This special concern will be reflected on shoe quality. Moreover, our service contemplates a quality control of the merchandise with its respective report before shipping.

Logistic support

Our team will handle all logistic work for your brand. We take care of all exportation documents, packaging procedures, labelling and delivery. In addition, we find the best shipping deals available worldwide.

Experienced in Sustainable Projects

Our first project of sustainable shoes took place in 2009. We are comfortable with Vegan, Organic and Recycled Shoes, as well as Circular economy. Your brand will benefit from this know-how, since we maintain the material development from the beginning.

Put us to the test! We will be very pleased to offer you a trial sample to prove our quality work and partnership dynamics.
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