Why Portugal?

the rising star.

Portugal is on the TOP 10 of producers for all kinds of Shoes in the world.

This proves Portuguese Knowledge in Shoe making is vast. Portugal knows how to do any kind of shoe and does it well.

The Brand “Made in Portugal” has been growing for 10 years in value and customer recognition.

It is the Government’s priority to be the first to supply the factories with a higher level of Technology.

Portugal competes against Italians in the leading of the technical Knowledge in footwear production and in technology available to produce them.

The geographic position in relation to Fashion Centres in Europe and the capability to meet their dynamism is a factual advantage.
Last but not the least, Portugal has one of the best shares of energy from renewable sources on E.U. This rate is about 10% higher than its main competitors. This means that you are producing with a very low carbon footprint.
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