How do we work?

Everything starts with your idea.

01. Briefing
02. Project Management
03. Material Sourcing
04. Factory Choice
05. Prototype Phase
06. Production
07. Quality Control
08. Support & Logistics

We have more than 20 factories at your disposal

This Factory range offers your brand a variety of production options that allow your project to be placed with the appropriate factory and technician, according to your needs.

Men Classic

Factory 1

Factory 2

Men Casual

Factory 3

Factory 4

Factory 5

Factory 6


Factory 7

Factory 8

Factory 9

Factory 10

Factory 11

Woman Elegant

Factory 12

Factory 13

Factory 14

Woman Casual

Factory 15

Factory 16

Factory 17

Factory 18

Factory 19

Factory 20


Factory 21


Factory 22

Factory 23

Experts on sustainable shoes

Every year we update our factory range with the latest shoe trend reports. This ensures that our factories are prepared to handle our Client’s demands.

Put us to the test! We will be very pleased to offer you a trial sample to prove our quality work and partnership dynamics.
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